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Google launches Family virtual payment method

If you are an Android user, then Google Play is the place to go for games and app downloads. It provides a lot of free as well as premium apps to choose from. However, if you have your own smartphone or tablet, then you may want to purchase games from the Google Play Store if you want to keep your kids entertained. It has been decided that the Play Store will be introducing a new payment method that will allow families to request payment for items they actually need, in order to address the issue of overspending and the purchase of inappropriate content.

With the latest update, the Google Play app will be able to handle purchase requests. The family manager will decide whether or not to proceed with the payment request, and the members of the family will be able to request the family manager to make a purchase at the Play Store. However, if the family manager does not specify a payment method, the feature will still work. Using any of the saved payment options, a one-time payment could easily be authorized as a one-time transaction.

Using Google Play gift cards is also one of the ways to complete the payment, according to the official announcement. When a family member purchases something on the Play Store, a notification will be sent to the family manager when that family member completes the purchase. Further, users can also call a family manager later to discuss the approval request queue in order to make a call on the purchase request.

The family manager’s payment method will not be available to kids. Currently, the feature is being released in phases, meaning that it may take some time before it becomes available to all users. However, children can use it with permission from their family manager. At a time when the holiday season is about to begin, Google Play’s current Purchase Request feature is coming out just ahead of time. In order to set up a family payment method and purchase requests, users can visit the Google Play store for more information.

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