Google Bard AI: Assessing Potential & ChatGPT’s Take

Google Bard AI

It is true that artificial intelligence is the most profound technology that we are developing today. The use of artificial intelligence helps people, businesses, and communities unlock their potential, whether it’s helping doctors detect illnesses earlier or giving people access to information in their own language. In addition to that, it offers new opportunities for […]

Metaverse will change the way we interact with others

As a result of their efforts in the metaverse, fashion and retail brands are already creating genuinely exciting experiences for their fans and taking impressive steps into the metaverse. Over 7 million people have visited the store ‘Nikeland’ in the metaverse, and Gucci has developed virtual clothes and accessories for digital avatars. The metaverse is […]

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Digitals Cloud

Digitals Cloud is the cloud hosting service provider. They provide the latest hosting technologies with fully managed services. They have an easy-to-use cloud solution for small, medium, and large businesses with an in-house support team. They use the latest SSD-powered Dell servers, enterprise-level firewalls, and mitigation techniques to provide top-notch security. We at Dr. Developers […]

Samsung unveils 12nm DDR5 DRAM

Samsung DDR5 DRAM

According to Samsung, the company’s latest DDR5 DRAM chips made from 12nm semiconductor fabrication technology are the world’s first DDR5 DRAM chips. This latest generation chip is designed to work with AMD’s Zen processors, and Samsung claims these products have been tested for compatibility with AMD’s Zen processors. As a result of advanced, multi-layer lithography, […]

AI has an essential role in marketing

AI and Marketing

There are many different opinions about AI when it is brought up in a conversation. In addition to Black Mirror, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Ex Machina, Hollywood has caused many people to fear artificial intelligence. However, this perception of artificial intelligence does not consider one crucial element of the technology – when used correctly, […]

Google launches Family virtual payment method

Google Family virtual payment

If you are an Android user, then Google Play is the place to go for games and app downloads. It provides a lot of free as well as premium apps to choose from. However, if you have your own smartphone or tablet, then you may want to purchase games from the Google Play Store if […]

Health Connect is introduced in Android version 14

Health Connect in Android Version

It was announced at Google I/O 2022 that Google would be releasing its Health Connect system. This system will be developed with Samsung and is an Android API that allows it to collect health and fitness data from apps and devices. This data will then be stored securely. In addition to sharing the data with […]